Professor DharmaKeerthi Sri Ranjan

Research Papers

  • Philosophical and Sociological Aspects of the Concept of Virtual Reality Based on "Presence" and "Telepresence" Generated By the Natural and Mediated Environment. Thiland, Rangsit University (RSU) International Research Conference, 2016.

  • Influence of the Visual Semiotics of Media and the Socio � Cultural Changes of the Rural Masses in Sri Lanka (A Sociological Analysis). Journal of American Science, 2015, Vol:11 (3), 1 � 6.

  • Traditional Wireless Communication and Its Model in South Asian Region, 2010. The Journal of American Science 6(3), United States.

  • Science of Semiotic Usage in Advertisements and Consumer's Perception, 2009. The journal of American Science 6(2), United states.

  • Impact of Semiotic Approach on Advertisement for Consumer Perception: Balancing Text and Image, 2009. The 4th International Research Conference on Management & Finance � ,Faculty of Management & Finance,University of Colombo,Sri Lanka - with Uluwatta,K.